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Violino Bosso

For many years Ada has specialised in creating copies of the instruments made by the great classical Italian masters which over the years have captured the interest of an increasingly demanding and knowledgeable clientele hailing from all corners of the globe.
Her instruments employing both modern and baroque designs draw inspiration primarily from the instruments made by Guarneri, Stradivari, Da Salò and Montagnana and have enormous international appeal.
Adaís prolific creative output includes instruments that are free interpretations of classical masterpieces and personal models.

Violin Antonio e Girolamo AmatiCopy of a violin by Antonio e Girolamo Amati ca. 1629
Violin Giuseppe GuarneriCopy of a violin by Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù ca. 1734
Violin Giuseppe GuarneriCopy of a violin by Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù ca. 1742
Cello Domenico MontagnanaCopy of a cello by Domenico Montagnana ca. 1739


Pictures taken from A.F. Snc Cravero.


Sought after all over the World

Adaís instruments are a reflection of her prodigious talent and outstanding creativity. Much coveted the world over, they attract the admiration of cognoscenti and buyers who are some of the finest players from Italy and further afield.
Ada works with a select group of highly specialised and influential dealers gifted with the expertise to sell her instruments in Europe and abroad. Their rigorous professionalism enables them to vouch for the exceptional quality of the instruments they offer.



Fully Guaranteed

Every instrument Ada creates is entirely handmade and the procedures and techniques that go into their construction are the same used by the Classical Cremonese Masters, passed down from generation to generation of violin makers.
The varnish and pigments, all handmade by Ada, follow age old recipes. The varnish is only applied by brush.
Each instrument is unique and impossible to duplicate as a result of its distinctive combination of maple and fir, individual timbre and the particular aesthetic effect of its varnish.
Every instrument comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, a portfolio of photographs, a description and measurements that identify it in detail.
Moreover each instrument made by Ada carries a Makerís Warranty covering exacting and ongoing acoustic fine-tuning work that the owner may benefit from throughout the important growth development stage of the instrument.
Continuous and regular revision enables the maker to optimize and increase the instrumentís acoustic potential, thereby tailoring it to the musicianís specific and personal artistic requirements.


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