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When the last tree has been felled,
the last stream polluted and when the last fish has been caught
you will realize that man cannot eat money

old Red Indian Chief

Harmony and Beauty (with capital letters!) are the two things I live for every day. Music has since time immemorial been a bond connecting one human being to another. It is like a flowing river that follows the movement of its people, uniting us all with its universal language.
Every action man takes is fuelled by music.
Music talks to us of love, of joy, companionship and work, but also of sadness, of pain, death and war. Music is played to newborns, at weddings, funerals, partings, farewells, and reunions ...
In times of celebration. And when we want to remember.
It is my heartfelt desire that the music issuing forth from the instruments I make strikes a chord in men’s hearts. I hope it speaks to their souls, spreading peace and harmony.
This is why I have chosen to support certain charities through my instruments that aspire to promoting dignity, respect and restoring health.
In purchasing an instrument of mine a percentage of the sale is donated to one of the charities below of your choice.
You will not incur additional costs by doing so and you will be given a tax receipt for your contribution.

I am personally familiar with each charity and admire those who work for them. I have no hesitation in recommending them to you because of the efficiency with which the money they receive is spent.



La Terra è madre di tutti gli uomini e tutti gli uomini dovrebbero avere uguali diritti su di essa.

Chief Josef, Nez Perce, 1879

Emergency is an Italian non governmental aid organization that provides free and high quality medical and surgical services to victims of civil wars, landmines and poverty.
To date Emergency has provided support since 1994 in 14 different countries by building hospitals, operating theatres, rehabilitation and child healthcare centres and first aid, primary health, maternity and heart clinics.
In the last 15 years Emergency has helped more than 3,177,000 people.


Cuneo Cat Shelter

I have met many cats and many thinkers,
but the wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.

Hippolyte Taine

Our gorgeous cats brought home from the shelter

Adriano, the founder and linchpin of the Cuneo Cat Shelter, gives a home to abandoned and maltreated cats that cruel and heartless owners throw out on to the streets as if they were rubbish.
100% of your donation goes towards the upkeep of the cats, and is spent on food, veterinary services and vaccinations. You could also consider sponsoring a cat!


Caluso Dogs’ Home

A dog laughs with his tail, speaks with his eyes and loves with all his heart.
Wretched is the man who cannot appreciate his luck in living with a dog who awaits him.


Our sweet Alsatian brought home from the dog’s home

Luciano personally rescues and rehabilitates abandoned, maltreated and abused dogs, giving them respect and veterinary attention.
Your donation goes towards the upkeep of these animals and is spent on food, veterinary services and vaccinations.


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